11 Ways in Which Yoga Improves Your Body and Health

Enthusiasts and fitness experts from all over the world have been turning to Yoga , the ancient form of exercise originating from India. Though there are hundreds of types of yoga exercises and most of these involve physical postures, breathing techniques and mediation to nurture both the body and the mind.

We will be going over the various physical benefits yoga can have your body.

1) Develop body awareness

Yoga focuses on different parts of your body as you carry out each pose. This can help you to develop your body awareness and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

2) Increased flexibility

Different yoga asanas (postures) requires you to stretch specific muscles in your body in a safe and effective manner. Regular practice will help you to increase your flexibility and avoid risk of injury at the same time.

3) Weight reduction

You can reduce your body weight by doing basic yoga asanas (postures) like the Sun Salutations and breathing exercises like Kapalbhati pranayama which helps to tone the body and removes any excess weight. You will also develop a more sensitive awareness of your body through yoga which will help you to keep your body weight in check

4) Improved respiration

Yoga practitioners include various breathing exercises during training which increases lung capacity. This improving breathing and has also been beneficial for people suffering from respiratory ailments.

5) Improves circulatory health

Another benefit associated with the breathing exercises and improved breathing is improved heart rate, blood circulation and muscle tone. Yoga also helps lower your blood pressure. Yoga has been found to benefit those who have suffered cardiac arrest, heart attack or other heart related conditions.

6) Improves immunity

You can boost your immunity without the help of antibiotics and other medicines by practicing yoga which acts as natural immunity booster. You can boost immunity by adopting few simple poses like the cobra pose, the bow pose or the fish pose to stimulate different parts of your body and target specific muscles.

7) Reduce stress

Yoga soothes your mind and lowers your stress levels. You will be focusing on mediation and breathing as well as your body movements which helps to reduce anxiety and calms your mind. Yoga also has been found to improve sleep and can reduce insomnia.

8) Gain strength

You can improve your strength by doing some of the more vigorous physical postures which aims at toning the body. You will also be able to balance your muscle strength with flexibility which is a downside of going to the gym and lifting weights.

9) Improve your body balance and stamina

Various balancing poses in yoga improve your body balance and stability. Yoga poses also require you to use your core muscles. This helps you to increase your stamina.

10) Improve posture

Yoga postures requires that you do poses that open tight areas of your body like your chest and shoulders and allows you to gently bend your back while lengthening your spine. These steps help to keep a good posture.

11) Lessens chronic pain

The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Yoga as a way of exercise, is extremely enriching and helps you to lead a healthier and energetic life. So, you should definitely adopt yoga and get in touch with your body and your inner mind.

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