5 Surprising Healing Powers of Yoga

Statistics show that the number of people practicing yoga are ever increasing in numbers in the recent years. The physical and physiological benefits accompanied with yoga are the ones that attract the huge number of new participants. There are numerous forms of yoga, some are intense and fast paced while others are gentle and relaxing. Yoga not only helps you to twist you body into different shapes but also helps in increasing flexibility and reducing stress. The healing power of the yoga will help you in different working environments, either kitchen, office or bedroom always.

Here are some of the healing powers of yoga.

1. Boosts Immunity: Our body system is a composition of the body, spirit and mind. When the body is affected, it automatically affects the mind hence making the mind restless and causes a lot of harm in you. However, practicing yoga will help you improve the general body immunity. The different types of poses will help in strengthening the muscles, improving circulation in the body and also improves breathing techniques hence boosting the body’s immunity.

2. Weight Loss: Nobody wants to have a lot of weight. Yoga is there to help you. By practicing yoga, such as pranayama, it helps you lose weight. Moreover, as you continue to practice, the body will also respond and ask for the food that it needs to balance the new activity. This will help you in controlling the diet you take and also checking on your weight.

>3. Stress relief and Sleep Better: As you carry your daily chores, stress accumulates in your brain. The different poses when practicing yoga daily will help you relief this stress in your mind easily. A daily practice helps one sleep better than before. Statistics show that people with cancer are the ones who usually benefit a lpt from this practice. This is usually attributed to the fact that yoga helps to relieve stress hence inducing better sleep. As you continuously teach yourself how to inhale and exhale through the nose, you mind will get to slow down and this will enhance better sleep.

4. Boosts sexual performance and enables better relationships: Research shows that practicing yoga helps increase the sexual desire, arousal, orgasm, performance, confidence and satisfaction for both women and men. How is this possible? It helps to boost blood flow to the genital organs hence improving erections and arousal. Additionally, the mind and breathing control done when practicing helps improves the performance in bed. Moreover, it helps in improving relationships. By having a relaxed mind, you can be able to handle well the sensitive matters of a relationship with your spouse, children and family at large.

5. Fight food cravings: At times you find yourself craving for some types of food. If this is among the problems you are facing, then yoga is the best for you. This is because as you practice it, the body will react by demanding a particular type of food to boost your health needs. Practicing also helps you create a breathing awareness that will in turn help you to tune certain emotions with food cravings. Moreover, the breathing exercises will help you make better decisions when cravings strike.

Always keep in mind that yoga is a continuous process. Keep practicing it and in the long run you will come to enjoy yoga.

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