6 Yoga Myths Debunked

Yoga is very popular in today’s world. And while there are so many people reaping the benefits of this practice, there are so many others who are scared off due to some ill-founded misconceptions. The following are the most popular myths that have surrounded the practice of yoga.

1. It is Only About Stretching

While on the surface it may appear that yoga is just a stretching routine, it is far more than that. The asanas that most people commonly associate with stretching only make up a small percentage of what it is all about. Yoga means union; the union of the mind, body, breath, spirit and environment and comprises of a body of knowledge in;

· Mind and body integration exercises

· Meditation

· Social behavior

· Breathing techniques

· Personal observances

· Focus of the senses

· attention mastery and intention

· pure self-awareness experience

2. Only for Women

There is no doubt that more women love and practice yoga than men. But this does not mean that men don’t do it. In fact records have shown that yoga was traditionally practiced exclusively by men in ancient India. However, its arrival in the west saw it draw a large number of female enthusiasts compared to men. Regardless of that, it is not gender specific. Both men and women practice it.

3. You Have to Be Flexible To Do It

A lot of yogi potentials have scared off because they think they aren’t flexible or fit enough. There is the mistaken assumption that strength and flexibility are prerequisites of this practice, which is wrong. As a matter of fact, fitness and flexibility are actually by-products of yoga, not requirements.

4. It Is a Religion

Due to its Indian roots and some ties to Hinduism, Yoga is often confused as a religion. In fact, it is simply a practice of healthy mindfulness i.e. linking of movement and breath to allow space in your life as well as the physical body. The belief system is based on facilitating the connection between the mind and the body.

5. It is Very Easy

People who look at Yoga purely via the physical lens think that it is too easy and gentle for any benefit. However unlike many other forms of exercise, yoga requires full mind and body coordination. Your full attention is required in each movement. All aspects of your being are engaged during the practice which is even more challenging. It works to unify your;

· Body

· Mind

· Emotions

· Breathing

· Senses and

· Environment

6. There is Only One Type

Yoga isn’t just a one-size-fits-all practice, there are many different types. There is Vinyasa which is the most popular type of yoga currently. You can do Hatha yoga, Power yoga or even hot yoga. These are just samples of the many available styles.

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