A Beginners Guide To Yoga

If you’ve taken an initiative to start practising yoga, then this would be a great opportunity for spiritual and physical well-being. It has many forms from different parts of the world. Meditation is also commonly practised along with learning the yoga postures. If you want to practice both or just would like to focus on strengthening your body with the Hatha technique then there are some things you will need to get started.


It might sound strange that you need any equipment at but there are a few basics you will need. You will need a yoga mat. There are many different mats available, and depending on your preference it doesn’t matter the kind you pick.

The most important factor that must be looked for while choosing a mat is that it must protect you from floors that are cold and should be tear proof. It is an added advantage if you pick a mat that can be easily cleaned so that the maintenance part becomes very simple and easy. A mat that is non-slippery is something that most people prefer. If you are very conscious of the environment around you can go in for the eco-friendly mats.

The kind of clothes that are worn during the sessions are also imperative for beginners. Ensure that you wear only those clothes that are not too tight or restrictive and enables easy movement. You can go in for clothes that have specially made for yoga, but there is no compulsion on this front, and you can also wear clothes that you usually wear for any of your workout sessions.

The Fundamentals

First, you need to learn how to breathe. You will be surprised to learn that you may be breathing the wrong way. Yoga poses need to be coupled with proper breathing. Proper breathing will not only make your workout process more intense but will also help to cleanse your body of toxins.

Guides and Classes

Reading the right guide or finding a class depends on the objectives you intends to achieve. You can find these classes at gyms and health clubs. Nonetheless, not all these places are well staffed with qualified instructors.

Learning from inexperienced or unqualified instructors can instil irreparable damages to your body, and therefore, it’s important to select the best places to attend yoga classes. Every class or guide has both basic courses and advanced ones. Basic courses don’t have vigorous physical exercises or postures. They are simple exercises, which can be done employing less difficult postures.

These guides are usually more involved with the isha technique that helps control mind and gain spiritual advancement. Nevertheless, hatha yoga contains many other vigorous postures that are just like doing acrobatics. Yoga essentially does not involve such complex exercises. On the other hand, Ananda, Vini and Kiripalu are more suitable for beginners, which comprise of less difficult postures and exercises.

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