Can Anyone Do Yoga?

Every time most people hear the word yoga, the first thought that comes to mind is, “I can’t do that.” Well, here is some insight into what is yoga all about and who can practice it. Yoga is a practice that involves physical, mental and spiritual practices. Many are the times that we are so lost in our daily work and routines that we forget to loosen up. Our bodies cannot function like machines and they need to relax for better performance. Gaining control over our bodies and minds is essential for improvement in our mental, physical and spiritual status. This is where yoga comes in. It helps in relaxing the mind and reducing stress levels. The most important aspect of all is that yoga can be done by anyone regardless of their size, weight, age, or location.

Yoga for Different Age Groups

Teenagers can practice yoga as a physical exercise and to enhance their breathing capability. Think of the many times they eat junk food and risk their health. This can help them reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body. We can also consider the fact that most teenagers tend to stress over a lot of things like their boyfriends or girlfriends and potential competition in the game of love. These, coupled with studies, can amount to too much pressure. It however can be brought low through yoga.

Adults are no different either. In addition to unhealthy eating habits and stress, most of them experience body pains especially in the lower back. Chronic low back pain prevents them from exploiting their full potential yet they have a lot on their plate being adults. It has been proven that yoga is 30% more beneficial to adults with this kind of problem when incorporated into clinical care as compared to the usual care alone. Wouldn’t it help to be able to do all you want without much straining?

Yoga for The Sick

In most cases, people who are sick are unable to engage in vigorous activities and it may leave them weaker than before. Others, like most cancer patients, may suffer from depression which would deteriorate their health. If yoga is incorporated in their recovery, it would help to reduce depression, insomnia, fatigue, pain, and anxiety. The result of all these would be possible healing or even an increase in the quality of life.

Yoga for The Disadvantaged Communities

These could be inmates, war veterans, children with developmental problems, and high stress workers. It may sound like it is impossible for these people to practice yoga but it is possible. Some yoga organizations reach out to these people in-order to help them live a healthy life regardless of their current position and/or physical inadequacies.

It is obvious that yoga can be done by anyone. It is a practice that can be incorporated in our daily lives and bring fourth awesome results like loss of weight, flexibility, good mental health, quick recovery, muscle strength, circulatory health, and improved athletic performance.

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