How Yoga Can Help To Burn Calories

Regularly practicing yoga is known to help burn fat, leading to effective weight loss. As a matter of fact, yoga will help you achieve your weight-loss goal in a more holistic way when compared to other weight loss methods. It is important to understand that yoga can be part of your weight loss plan, especially where you want to burn belly fat, which is actually the most difficult to burn.

Yoga will work for even if you have never practiced it before. Apart from helping you burn calories, practicing yoga can also help tone your trouble spots and alter your eating patterns, mood, and sleep habits, all of which affect how much weight you gain around your waistline, as well as how fast you can burn it off.

How does Yoga help weight loss?

Just like other forms of exercise, you will help you burn calories. However, some types of yoga are more effective when it comes to burning calories when compared to others. For instance, fast –paced, vigorous styles of yoga such as Ashtanga and Vinyasa are known to be more effective in burning fat and calories when compared to slow-paced, restorative styles. According to a yoga instructor in New York City known as Annelise Hagan, a vigorous athletic form of yoga has the ability to help raise your heart rate for a period of up to 20 minutes. She continues to say that practicing yoga styles that focus on the core, including Chaturanga, plank, or boat pose, can help tone the abdominal muscles underneath.

However, apart from choosing fast paced yoga classes, you also need to put into consideration the mindfulness aspect of yoga, which also plays a very important role in weight loss. This essentially means that you will also need to practice yoga styles that will help you develop the tools that you need to listen to your body in a slower, meditative way.

Research findings from a 2009 study showed that people who practice yoga on a regular basis achieve better weight loss results and are also known to maintain weight more effectively when compared to people who do not practice yoga at all. This particular study was conducted by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute. The researchers who were involved in this study credit the mindfulness aspect of yoga for these results. This is because people who practice yoga pay more attention to what they eat and always stop eating when they are full.

In addition, yoga has the ability to help improve sleep patterns as well as reducing symptoms of depression. Research findings show that lack of enough sleep can sabotage your body’s ability to burn fat. This means that trying to lose weight by dieting or other methods while practicing yoga can help you achieve your weight goals more effectively.


Practicing yoga for burning fat is worth trying, especially if you have been trying other weight loss methods without much success.

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