Reasons Why You Should Take Up Yoga

The term yoga means union. Union of a person’s consciousness with the consciousness of the spirit. Many perceive yoga as just a physical activity. However, it involves ansas and body practices that have existed for decades. These are profound sciences of unlocking the full human mind potential and the soul. The physical part includes backbends, standing poses, inversions and forward bends.

Reasons why you should do yoga.

· Improves your flexibility. Becoming flexible is one of the simplest reason you should do yoga. It loosens the body and lets you perform seemingly impossible body poses. Flexibility improves the body posture.

· Builds muscle strength. Having strong muscles does not only look good but protects us from back pains and arthritis. Going to the gym might solve the muscle problem, but yoga solves the muscle and flexibility problem.

· Protects your spine. Dormant spinal disks can cause herniate or compress nerves. Going to a well-balanced asana with bends, forward bends and some twists can nourish the spinal discs.

· Increases your blood flow. Relaxation of the body can help your blood circulation. The body cells also receive adequate oxygen, boosts hemoglobin levels and red blood cells levels. It reduces the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

· Boosts immunity. Contracting and stretching muscles increase the drainage of the lymph. It boosts the body immune system to fight infections, kill cancer cells and remove toxic waste from the cells.

· Ups your heart rate. A faster heart rate reduces the chances of a heart attack or possibilities of falling into a depression. Not all Yoga is aerobic, however, performing it with vigor gets the heart rate higher. It reduces the heart resting rate and maximizes oxygen intake.

· Drops your blood pressure. It benefits people with high blood pressure. Practicing savasana (simply lying on a couch) reduces the blood pressure.

How to do some Simple yoga poses at home.

These simple yoga practices are some of the basic poses you can do to make your body feel relaxed and stretched.

Chair pose

This pose is achieved by standing straight and holding you hands straight up your head. Bend your hips and lower yourself. Resume a seat position. Lengthen your spine and form an inverted C with your body. Take deep breaths and hold the pose for 10 seconds. Resume your standing position and repeat the pose.

Forward bend

While standing straight, turn your hips and lower you head to your knees, making sure that you don’t bend your knees. Let you head hang as you breathe in and out. Hold this posture for eight breaths and return to a standing position. Repeat.

Plank pose

For this pose, place your hands on the floor, move your feet back until you assume a plank position. Lengthen your body through the spine. Your back muscles should stretch at this point. Hold this position for eight breaths. Lower your body to the ground and repeat.

High lunge

Assume a plank position. Bend one knee and put one foot forward. Reach for the ceiling with your hands. This pose engages your lower muscles. Hold the pose for eight breaths and repeat. This time, use the other foot.


Yoga is an ancient practice. It is a science that has discovered the different ways of making the body respond to simple methods, remove doubt from the soul and achieve a balanced state. It comes with a good number of health benefits which is reason enough to try it.

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