Role of Yoga as a Pain Reliever

Yoga is one of the most relaxing activities that we can encounter for different types of reasons. Some do this to lose weight in the most relaxing fashion. For others, this is their way to stay physically and mentally healthy. Yoga can help you relax and ease up by meditating and concentrating. With proper breathing, you can actually help your body lose some strains. That is why some people would resort to yoga instead of taking pills for relieving pain. Some poses are actually designated for a certain pain, while most of them are beneficial for all parts of the body.

We have been so busy with our lives that we sometimes forget what it is like to be young again. Little did we know, this is something helpful to us. In yoga, Child’s Pose or Balasana is one of the best poses to relieve a headache. It is also a fundamental resting pose in yoga. This is where you drop your shoulders while easily releasing the tension. By doing Balasana, you are letting the oxygen that you are breathing into your spine all the way up to your neck and shoulders. Aside from a headache, Child’s pose is an ideal remedy for stress and anxiety, as well.

Sukhasana, also known as Easy Pose, is another one of the yoga poses that can easily heal minor pains, especially on your neck and shoulders. This is where you have to sit properly and comfortably. Make sure that while sitting, you are doing it properly with your knees in the right position. Start inhaling deeply and feel your chest expand. Exhale slowly and longer that you can almost feel your navel from your spine. Do this for another 12 rounds. It may sound easy for you, but trust us, it is not. Sukhasana is not the same with the usual sitting that we all do.

For shoulders pain, Fish Pose or Matshasana is a yoga pose that can help you. This where you lie down with your hands and arms facing downward as well. Extend your legs and let both of your thumbs meet under your torso. From this position, it would appear as if you’re reaching your heart to the sky with the crown of your head on the ground. Keep your weight on your elbows and palms. Press yourself down and inhale slowly while doing this. When you are done, feel how you released the tension from your shoulder.

Some people would say that you are stressed when your back hurts a lot. Bow Poser, or Dhanurasana, is an adequate yoga pose if you want to strengthen your back. By doing this, start lying down with the face on the ground. Slowly reach your ankle with your hands and gently lift it up. By doing this, you are also lifting your chest and thighs up from the ground. That’s just as simple as that. Feel as if you are doing a reverse bending.

Moving at the lower part of the body, Eye of the Needle Pose, or Sucirandhrasana, is a good stretch for your hips. Doing this can also strengthen your muscles from knees, glutes, and lower back. Start by lying down on your back with knees bent but with feet above the floor. Put your right foot at the top of your left thigh. From there, put your right hand between your legs and grip the back of your left thigh with your left hand. Start pulling your legs to your chest slowly as much as you can. After doing at least 8 breaths, switch and do the same with your other leg.

These yoga poses are just some of the ideal position to heal different parts of your body. There are tons of it that you can learn slowly. It may be as effective as you can imagine but keep in mind that these are for minor muscle pains only. If you experience major aches, it is better to call or consult your local doctor.

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