Using Yoga For Better Sleep

Suffering from sleepless nights? You are not alone-whether you are a night owl with early bird aspirations or simply a troubled sleeper, yoga could be the answer to your restlessness. According to research, many people who suffer from insomnia also have associated health problems such as depression and anxiety. Therefore, your sleeplessness may not be something that could be easily wished away. However, yoga will always come in handy. There is nothing more soothing than a yoga session. It has always been a go-to relaxation medium for many people who want to escape life’s everyday insanity.

Developing a bedtime routine around yoga a will ensure that you are relaxed and fall asleep easily. It is important to believe that a restful night is within reach.

Yoga is all about getting in touch with your breath. Therefore, when you slow down and practice a particular pose, all of the tense areas of your body will experience a calming effect and without any strain or pain, your body will be more welcoming to the idea of a good night’s sleep. Each Yoga pose should be practiced for a total of five minutes. It is all about choosing a routine that works best for you.

Listening to your body and staying within your comfort zone are the best ways to perfect yoga for insomnia. It is quite easy to beat the lack of sleep with the following three simple yoga tips and pose:

Meditate, meditate, meditate!

It is important to start things off with meditation. If you are holding on to any thoughts, set an intention to let them go. Close your eyes and rest your head on your thighs. Thereafter, allow yourself to do nothing but breathe.

The seated twist

This yoga pose is as simple as it sounds. The seated twist involves crossing your legs in a seated position and twisting your torso to the left. The best way to perfect this yoga pose in by inhaling and exhaling strategically for a total of five to ten minutes while maintaining the position.

Knees-to-chest pose

Lying on your back and resting your head on a pillow seems like something that you do every day. However, this pose also involves hugging one knee into your chest and grabbing your shin to pull it closer to you. After a few deep breaths, the pose should be repeated using the other leg.

Bedtime rituals are important, especially because they determine how you will sleep as well as how active you will be during the day. Forget all about the sleeping pills. Practicing yoga before you tuck in goes a long way.

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