Who We Are

Community Yoga Austin was founded by Jyl Kutsche and Alyson Fox. Jyl was inspired to start Community Yoga Austin after her experience teaching in NYC with Bent on Learning, a nonprofit organization that brings yoga to NYC public schools.

Since its founding in 2010, Community Yoga Austin has introduced the practice of yoga to kids of all ages, seniors, prisoners, veterans, people in recovery, people in shelters, and those just wanting to find a bit more stillness in their lives.

We elevate communities by providing tools to create transformation in the lives of its volunteers and others through leadership facilitation trainings, community activism, yoga and mindfulness.

Together we hope to create a shift in the world through compassionate education, deep practice of listening, and connecting with others with a mission is to nurture leadership, build community and inspire wellness.

Community Yoga Austin Board of Directors

  • Leya Samiloglu – President
  • Elizabeth Harvey – Vice-President
  • Daniel Goldstein – Secretary
  • Jazmine Leon-Wing – Treasurer
  • Karen Gross – Outreach Liaison

Staff Members

  • Shawn Kent – Clinical Director
  • Jacquelyn Ardeneaux – Program and Community Innovator
  • Janet Farnsworth – Prison Director
  • Joanne Carreon Reyes – Elementary Director

Community Yoga Austin Ambassadors

  • Ben Heath
  • Denise Deniger
  • Erinn Lewis
  • Genevieve Yellin
  • Gioconda Parker
  • Jenn Wooten
  • Kiely Rutledge
  • Leeah Taylor
  • Leigh Fisher
  • Lilyana Frescas
  • Richie Flores
  • Shanti Kelley

Our hope is personal well being will translate to social well being.

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